Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shame on me for not posting

Well it's been awhile the big day is over and was very quiet nobody home for Christmas this year first time ever. Christmas eve day I cut fabric for my next project called Civil War Chronicals fiqured I'd sew Christmas day as Randy was playing in his shop. Decided to make the border blocks first as there are 68- 6" blocks, this morning I finished them took me 5 morning to get them done, in the pic they are hanging inhalf other wise they'd be on the floor and Cinder (the cat) would be all over them. Next I'll start the centre block maybe tomorrow.
Shawn and Deanne are suppost to be coming home for a New Years/ wedding reception party.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ritz Cracker is now a top

Just finished Ritz Cracker this morning made it bigger and added a piano border can't believe this top only took 1 jelly roll and 2 charm packs it measures 68.5" x 83" Think I might use muslin for the backing with hopefully a strip of the left over jelly roll vertically to break up the muslin,----- yes I have more of the jelly roll left!!! I loaded the top on the frame but need to buy some muslin if I go that root.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter wonderland

We got a dump of snow today I had to take some pics it was so pretty
Played with the Ritz Cracker border a bit today will play again tomorrow maybe it will become a top.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Circle of Friends 10th finish for 2010

Finished Circle of Friends this afternoon so I can start a new project. Still need to find some fabric for the border of Ritz Cracker top.
Going to Vernon tomorrow and fingers crossed that it doesn't snow like it did today.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Test over back to sewing

Yesterday was test day for Excel I feel that I did alright could have used a few more minutes to change the page breaks in 2 of the projects but ran out of time. This morning I started quilting Circle of Friends quilt top with a baptist fan panto and I'm running into problems with the applique my darning foot has an open area and it's catching the applique going to get Randy to attach a washer on the bottom of the foot if I knew what to use for an adhesive for metal on metal I would have it done, so I'm on hold til tomorrow I guess.
Well going to the Island is out Randy has some tests to be done on the 23rd and if they find anything he will be having surgery, Autumn and Kris (granddaughter & son) I think are coming for Christmas.
Got to go to Vernon on Thursday as Randy has some lung test, seeing we are there I can get some Christmas shopping done and supplies for baking.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Test this morning for Excel

Test this morning for Excel in 1/2 hr. well I know more than when I started so I'll do my best that's all I can do.
Then I can get back to my sewing whahoo, it's been awhile well better get going, will post later about test.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Got my marks for Word

Our instructor for Microsoft Word was at the college and she posted our marks and I got a 98% was I shocked thought I did well in the written but I know I forgot to change the spelling errors on the second page there were 4 small lines deduct 1/2 mark for each error and that would have been my 100% if I would have made the corrections. Well Excel might be a different story not catching the formulas, some of the ladies in my class are going to the college tomorrow to study I will be there too.
Snowed again over night so had to snow blow the driveway again before I went to class. It is starting up again dag nab it. Going to go through our pre- test for Excel that the instructor gave out today and later will have to practice some lessons we went over today.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The river and the woods

Pic of the woods where Sadie and I go for a walk and what the river looks like with some snow

Civil War Chronicles Kit

The 2nd in a series of 5 Anniversary of the Civil War. Put the patterns in clear paper covers and added them to the binder with Civil War Tribute the 1st in the series

Just finished snow blowing the driveway and shoveled off the stairs Sadie is a pain in the neck as when you are pushing the scoop she grabs the side and it steers off.
Had Excel class yesterday and we are covering formulas and I don't seem to get it, class again tomorrow and Friday then test on Mon.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hair cut

Went for a hair cut this morning my stylist told me the last time I was there was in May :o
well she did cut it kind of short then. No sewing, snow blew the driveway this morning after Randy fixed it the float was stuck that's why I couldn't start it yesterday.
My CW Chronicles kit should be here this coming week thought it was going to be here last. I got the Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student off ebay last night so it should be here next week also, my laptop came with the trial and it expires in Jan.
Shawn and Deanne aren't coming for Christmas now as his ship is on standby and there has to be a % of men available and there are guys that have not been home in ages and their families are on the east coast, Shawn was home last yr. Kris and Autumn are suppose to be coming home. Randy had a suggestion that I go to Victoria for Christmas if I decide to I will take the bus to and back, still mulling it around.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Excel class started

First class for Excel think I'm still in Word mode had to go over the lesson when I got home, like the instructor, haven't got back marks for Word though I did hear we all passed the written:) Off to start super have a great evening sew a bit for me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Backing made

Got the backing fabric made up and loaded on frame for Circle of Friends also got the bobbins wound. The idea I had for the border for the Ritz Cracker top is scrapped need to come up with something else.
When I started the car this morning could smell gas, backed out of driveway and noticed a lg. wet spot checked and it was gas took to my mechanic he wasn't there but got an app.for 1 o'clock got the bill $113. $7. for the gas line and the rest was their hourly rate + taxes of course.
Start Excel tomorrow morning Another cold day, but the wind is not blowing so hard today.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Microsoft Word test done

Had the test for Word this morning feel good about the written so so on the document changes think we get our results at the end of the week. Wed I start Excel and it goes til Nov. 6 Mon. Wed. and Fridays
Just put on a pot of Manhatten Clam Chowder soup for supper with fresh bread, the wind is really blowing today and cool suppose to last for a few more days.
Don't think I'll get to sewing today will try tomorrow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Farmer's Wife Sampler is now completed

Think this is #9 finish for this yr.

Loaded Circle of Friends on the frame and used my new favorite thing for the batting now to make the backing
Should do some studying for tomorrow's test

Linda's New favorite thing

I had bought this through Connecting Threads as it was brought up at my quilt retreat this fall to add an extra piece of batting to make the batting bigger well I tried it today and I love it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Progress on FWS

Got the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilted today I just meandered it and it was pulling don't know if it was because I used cotton batting this time instead of the 80/20 it's a lot heavier too, anyhoo it's done just the binding left got to figure out what colour to use, will decide tomorrow.
Burr it's getting cooler tonight there is a cold front coming down from the north and come mon they are calling for -18.
Should do a bit of studying tomorrow for test on Mon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Did some cutting for border

Cut fabric for the border of the Ritz Cracker top, might try playing with it tomorrow, if Randy can keep himself busy with something.
Asked my granddaughter Autumn what was on her Christmas list she is 10 ----she wants baking stuff like measuring cups,spoons,spatula, muffin pan, mix master etc had a blast shopping for her think I could go over board. This was my first Christmas gift oh also found the Gingerbread House kit that Autumn wants to do when she comes for the holidays. Think there will be a few people off the gift list this yr like nieces that are almost 20 yrs old and don't have a clue what they would want. Well time for coffee and watch Y&R

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ritz Cracker is now bigger

Got the 38 blocks finished and attached thinking of a piano border, should have enough strips left of the jelly roll and some muslin. Can't believe that I have a quilt top that took 1 jelly roll and 2 charm packs and enough finger's crossed for border.
Time for coffee and then finish making the cabbage rolls for supper.

What I woke up to this morning

Well it snowed last night and so far it's staying on the ground and trees.

Playing with Ritz Cracker blocks hopefully I'll get them all done today, wound some bobbins for Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt top so when ever I get the urge I'm ready.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Test on Monday

Last class this morning for Microsoft Word instructor gave us a pre-test and I failed badly had to look in book for answers, I figure if I end up failing I learnt alot , my next course is Excel and it starts next Wed.
Well I received my charm pack for the Ritz Cracker top to make it bigger. Also got an email that my Civil War Chronicles kit has been sent what a bonus, though I need to get 2 tops quilted before I can start a new quilt.
Night before last when I let Sadie in it was snowing real wet stuff and it was pretty well gone now it's trying again big time huge heavy flakes :(
Well need to go over the lessons from class.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wasn't able to sign in?????

Trouble with cookies got my password reset and it worked??? don't understand all this computer stuff. Got an email that my Civil War Chronicles kit has been sent I'm soo excited. Been studying Microsoft word got 1 more class then the test is this monday we got a pre test and I would have flunked so that's why I'm going over the lessons. So no sewing going on right now

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Played a bit in sewing room :))

Got the backing made-up for Farmer's Wife Sampler and loaded on frame and it's ready whenever I am. Had to clean the pellet stove in the basement and clean and refill the hot tub. Julie from Craftown phoned to say that the material for the Civil War Chronicles will be there next week so should be getting it soon I'm so excited, it's a big one like the Civil War Tribute the first in the series of 5.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Another yr. older never got to my sewing room today as of yet, did make my birthday cake and Randy's buying supper. Been answering the phone with birthday wishes. Also got a nice flower delivery from my sweetie :)).
When I got my fabric yesterday I forgot I had ordered some fusing strips for fusing batting piecies tog. you fuse with an iron, hope this works.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally got some fabric

I got my backing fabric for Farmer's quilt top don't know If I'll get the backing made up and loaded, still waiting for the charm pack for the Ritz Cracker quilt.
Tomorrow is my birthday and I"m going to make myself a cake, and Randy is buying supper.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Still waiting

Still no fabric gosh the mail is slow when your waiting for something, maybe tomorrow???
Went to class again (Microsoft Word) going well lots to learn, next class is wed.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Slow Mail

Still no fabric as of yesterday maybe today?? I got the plastic up around the deck yesterday laptop went to doctor to get fixed, he said I should have it back today. Shawn came back from a tour to South America (he's in the Navy) they helped out at a school in Ecuador he says we are so lucky to be living in Canada was going to post a pic of him and the kids. Overcast today but really got to try and get the pump out of the pond and this weekend Randy can assemble the roof for it, he's been working on the back shed had to remove the concrete as the shed shifted and couldn't open the door, he added on to it last yr, to store the riding mower my tractor etc. it was open now he's framing it in, will be quality time with hubby this w/e.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Missed yesterday

Good excuss for not posting laptop is going to the doctors got a virus makes me mad when I have anti-virus loaded on my computors, so I'm using my desk top which is really slow think this one will be going to get fixed later.
Well yesterday I got 38 more blocks started for the Ritz Cracker quilt that is being made larger just waiting for the charm pack, nothing yesterday at mail will check today, maybe my backing fabric will be there so I can get started quilting on Farmer's quilt top.
If it warms up outside want to take the pond pump out and put up plastic around the deck.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 days in a row posting

This morning I started a class Microsoft Word at the college goes til the 22nd then I start Excel I'm retraining through my long term disability. first class went alright.
Still no backing fabric for Farmer quilt top. I have been making bags 4 they are fun to make and quick finishes.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Forget to add Ritz Cracker progress

I wish I knew how to add links etc. for my blog, so I can credit the person who designed this quilt.
Anyway I attatched the blocks I had made for the cracker quilt this is what I got so far it it made from Moda's Awesome line which is a nice one for fall colours

Going to try to keep this updated

What have I been doing? I went to a quilting retreat again the same place as this spring. I know I'm addicted to quilting now I love retreats. I got Farmer's Wife Sampler into a top and it's loaded on the frame just waiting for backing fabric should be here this week. Started Circle of Friends and it's now a top. Found a cute pattern in the Modabake Shop the quilt is called Ritz Cracker and I had bought a jelly roll and 1 charm pack at the quilt retreat wanted 2 but never had anymore so yesterday I ordered another charm pack I did make the 42 blocks that was called for but want to make it bigger.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going great Guns

I've had 2 more finishes that makes a total of 8 quilts for this yr. One called Elizabeth and the other was something I was just playing with had a jelly roll and fat eights of 30's fabric quite enjoyed playing with them I'm thinking I might make Little Autumn a small quilt with the left over fabric (new neighbour too cool the little girl has the same name as my granddaughter Autumn)

Friday, September 3, 2010

What do you mean it's September!!!!

Wow where did the time go I haven't been very good at my blogging. Had Autumn for a month this summer, Shawn & Deanne, and a fellow navy friend and his girlfriend came home for 2 week, Shawn is now on a 2 month tour to South America again.
The veggie garden has been great this yr along with the flower and shrubs. Not much sewing going on this summer til yesterday when I quilted a BOM that's been on the frame for the summer. Randy's Uncle Al passed away about a week ago so I had lots of family Lynda SIL had a cold and you guessed it I caught it gosh I feel lousy today.
I've also been going to a physio clinic doing core strengthing since June 16th also had IMI injections inbetween the muscles, doing this so I can eventually return to work.
Back to this BOM ---the block on the back was to be the centre block with all the rest of the blocks around it with hst for the border I wanted to change it up as I wanted to try a mitered corner so I fussy cut the fabric to miter it turned out all right.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where does the time go???????

Tuesday there was a parade in Victoria and Halifax with all the sailors marching, it's 100 yr anniversary. Shawn is one of them here is a pic of Shawn in uniform with Deanne his better half my older son Kris and my grandaughter Autumn(Kris's daughter)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Malcolm the Monkey

Just finished Malcolm for my niece in Australia she is due in the fall. Now I have 4 quilts to quilt so no more projects til I get a couple done. Weather has been super veg garden was planted last week everything but tomatoes and cukes, mowed some of the lawn for the clippings for the cukes but not enough.
Pic won't upload so will try later.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Had a great time at retreat

Wow my first retreat and I had a blast have never sewed that much in 4 days as I did at the retreat, got 2 tops completed Civil War Tribute and Back to School and made the 4 BOM blocks from Quilt With Us group.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Been Busy outside

Well I've been slacking with this blog again. I've washed down the l/r and bathroom on main floor so that leaves 2 bedrooms and the kitchen. Now there is the raking of leaves that I never did in the fall and the last 2 days it's been raining and is making the grass green. Paul our old neighbour came over on Sat. and pruned the fruit trees and the maple,hawthorn,and dogwood. No sewing going on here as waiting to go full tilt in 10 more days til I go to the quilting retreat. Had to switch with another lady for the Thrift Store on the 8th so now I'm working this thursday.
Been at the Art Centre also trying to make a birdbath hopefully it works I also made a bowl and today noticed my metal birdbath has rusted a hole so think I'll make a new one with clay.
Note to me----haircut on tuesday.
Made dough gods which is just deep fried bread dough then dip in sugar and cinammon, I've had this deep fryer for 3 yrs as a gift and today was the first time I used it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stars for a New Day finished

This is my 3rd finish for 2010.

Spring cleaning

Well I started spring cleaning got our bedroom and the midget room logs washed down and got the curtains and bedding washed and hung on the line. That was fri. today got the living room logs washed and that meant up and down the ladder, there was a nice breeze so the curtains dried fast even though it was an overcast day. Now my back is sore so I think tomorrow I'll take a day off.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quilting Stars for a New Day

This morning thought I'd get some bobbins wound to start quilting well good progress half done then Brandy & Laura (nieces)and their babies came for a vist Laura is here from Vancouver to visit with her sister Brandy, a girl and a boy 7 & 5 months old had a nice visit. Will try to finish the other half and should soon have my second finish for this year. Cut fabric for my new project called Back to School, which I want to take to the quilt retreat next month.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Been awhile

Wow it's been awhile was off line for 5 days as there was a problem on the line got it fixed today. Well I was in Vancouver for a week to see my sister and the 2010 Olympics are being held there what a buzz you could feel it. Got to see our Canadian gold figure skating olympians and got a pic of them they were just walking down the street. Seeing I was off line I got Memory Lane completed and made a baby quilt for my nephew's new baby boy was just a panel of Noah's Ark but it's done and just need to send it. Been working on my next project called Back to School just taking my time with this one as I want to take it to the retreat in April. Going out of town tomorrow as Randy has the day off and if he's not near the phone he can have a true day off. The weather here has been wonderful feels like spring when I was in Vancouver the cherry blossoms were out and some spring flowers were in bloom.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2nd border attached to CW Tribute

All I have left now is the gazillion hst for the last border and this is on hold, as I'm bringing this to the retreat in April

Friday, January 22, 2010

Memory Lane loaded

Memory Lane is now loaded on the frame just got the backing fabric from Connecting Threads good deal on fabric about $3.00 a yd. So it's pieced and attached also the batting is spread out fluffing so when I'm ready to start quilting it's all ready to go.

All blocks completed for CWTribute

Got the last two 18" blocks completed and attached to the top and bottom row and added one of the three borders, cut the next border and then the last border are all hst's 200 of them, plan on doing them at the retreat in April.
Yesterday I got the featherweight it is soo cute and looks brand new, doesn't have a needle so I ordered some along with a 1/4" foot, then I just found out that I can use the needles I use for my current sewing machine. New to get more bobbins as I have just the one.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Part of the centre strip of the Civil War Tribute quilt

Here is a part of the centre blocks--takes up quite a bit of the design wall, there is a strip across the top and bottom with blocks to add on both sides of this centre strip.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Singer Featherweight sewing machine

Just bought a featherweight should be here next week I'm excited about it as I've always wanted one. Will be my machine to take to the retreat nice and compact. Going to take some pics of CWTribute in progress, was going to wait to assemble the top when I went to the retreat but I couldn't resist putting it together as this is my favorite part seeing it come alive. I'm short 1 pattern block they are suppost to send it when they had it. The block pattern is for 4 blocks 2-12" and 2-18". I did what I could to assemble, now have to wait.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


It's been awhile had a great Christmas both boys were home and for NYears nothing big. On the sewing front I've been working on a quilt top called Civil War Tribute. It's coming along. I signed up and paid for a quilt retreat in April 8th to 11th at Gardom Lake outside of Salmon Arm about 1 1/2 hrs from here. Will be my first ever retreat. Will post pic of project tomorrow.