Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quilted the jellyroll top

Just finished the jellyroll quilt that was on the frame, did a baptist fan panto, it's trimmed up now to find some binding fabric.
What a gloomy day when I take the picture of the completed top might see snow on the ground .

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Playing with scraps

I got 3 of the 5 rows released, my sewing room looks like a bomb went off looking for fabric, pic looks washed out but you get the jest.

Took the pump out of the pond just need to make the roof over it, Randy had to work today so maybe tomorrow, put the deicer in and the fish are swimming around it as it's warmer around it. The temp in the pond is 38 degrees, you stop feeding fish under 50 degrees

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Like I need another project!

Well I shouldn't be starting another project with all my tops that need to be quilted from the retreat. I did get the jellyroll top's backing pieced and it is now loaded on the frame just need to get to it. While surfing the quilting blogs I came across so this morning I went through my stash and made the row of apples, I'm behind but should catch up it will be made from my stash not a piece of fabric to be bought, famous last words eh hope I stay on that track(no buying)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bali Bags

At the retreat some of the girls were making fabric baskets made with cotton clothesline wrapped with a 3/4" strip of fabric, there was a pattern for a bag, I had lots of batiks at home so I cut some strips and while I watch tv I can wrap, then you zigzag it together calls for 125 feet of line

This morning we were socked in and raining but it smelt like snow well this afternoon the clouds lifted and there it was on the mountain top

Baby quilt finished

Yesterday I pieced the backing and used the left over wool batting for this baby quilt, loaded it and quilted it this morning, just some meandering loops.  Now just have to wait for the baby to come some time this month, so I got a boy and a girl quilt ready.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What a blast

Home from retreat and I had so much fun, met new quilting friends. There were 30 ladies this time. Laughed, sewed a lot, stayed up late up early, so much fun. Signed up and paid for the spring retreat in April. Got all my projects done so now I have lots of quilting to do before I can start a new one.
This one is called Garden Trellis made from a layer cake and yardage.
This one was made from a jelly roll and yardage 
This one is called Spools was made from half of a jelly roll don't like it as when you first look at it my eye goes to the dk brown I wanted a gray but couldn't find any at the retreat, think I will do this one again when I find the gray fabric.
This one is called Wildflower Rhapsody was a bom from Jan's (lady who hosted the retreat) store. there is suppose to be another border but it won't fit on my frame if I add it, so this is it.
This one was made from 2 charm packs and yardage not a good photo as you can't see the melons very good,
you can see it at bit better, this one I have to quilt first as I'm going to be a grandma again some time this month, so if it's a girl, it will be done, will start it tomorrow need to make up the backing and load.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Retreat time tomorrow

Well I'm so ready for some marathon sewing with my quilting friends, need to stop at the quilt store on the way to retreat for some more border fabric for 1 of my projects and some gray fabric for the Spools top which is a new one,just bought it, hope Jan has some jellyrolls to choose from for this one.

         Took 1 of the projects out as I don't want to bring my laptop for the patterns Will post pics when I get back.                                                 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

1 Week

A week today and I will be sewing up a storm, I'm all packed up got 5 projects that are WIP and 1 to start another scrappy to use up more of my civil war.
I just saw a picture of the next CW Anniversary quilt series of 5 this one is #4 called Civil War Melodies, I like it. It won't be released till Jan. 2013, will be a good winter project.
I dug up all the potatoes yesterday and did some dead heading, this morning there was frost burrrr, today the sun is shinning what a beautiful day.