Monday, March 29, 2010

Been Busy outside

Well I've been slacking with this blog again. I've washed down the l/r and bathroom on main floor so that leaves 2 bedrooms and the kitchen. Now there is the raking of leaves that I never did in the fall and the last 2 days it's been raining and is making the grass green. Paul our old neighbour came over on Sat. and pruned the fruit trees and the maple,hawthorn,and dogwood. No sewing going on here as waiting to go full tilt in 10 more days til I go to the quilting retreat. Had to switch with another lady for the Thrift Store on the 8th so now I'm working this thursday.
Been at the Art Centre also trying to make a birdbath hopefully it works I also made a bowl and today noticed my metal birdbath has rusted a hole so think I'll make a new one with clay.
Note to me----haircut on tuesday.
Made dough gods which is just deep fried bread dough then dip in sugar and cinammon, I've had this deep fryer for 3 yrs as a gift and today was the first time I used it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stars for a New Day finished

This is my 3rd finish for 2010.

Spring cleaning

Well I started spring cleaning got our bedroom and the midget room logs washed down and got the curtains and bedding washed and hung on the line. That was fri. today got the living room logs washed and that meant up and down the ladder, there was a nice breeze so the curtains dried fast even though it was an overcast day. Now my back is sore so I think tomorrow I'll take a day off.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quilting Stars for a New Day

This morning thought I'd get some bobbins wound to start quilting well good progress half done then Brandy & Laura (nieces)and their babies came for a vist Laura is here from Vancouver to visit with her sister Brandy, a girl and a boy 7 & 5 months old had a nice visit. Will try to finish the other half and should soon have my second finish for this year. Cut fabric for my new project called Back to School, which I want to take to the quilt retreat next month.