Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going great Guns

I've had 2 more finishes that makes a total of 8 quilts for this yr. One called Elizabeth and the other was something I was just playing with had a jelly roll and fat eights of 30's fabric quite enjoyed playing with them I'm thinking I might make Little Autumn a small quilt with the left over fabric (new neighbour too cool the little girl has the same name as my granddaughter Autumn)

Friday, September 3, 2010

What do you mean it's September!!!!

Wow where did the time go I haven't been very good at my blogging. Had Autumn for a month this summer, Shawn & Deanne, and a fellow navy friend and his girlfriend came home for 2 week, Shawn is now on a 2 month tour to South America again.
The veggie garden has been great this yr along with the flower and shrubs. Not much sewing going on this summer til yesterday when I quilted a BOM that's been on the frame for the summer. Randy's Uncle Al passed away about a week ago so I had lots of family Lynda SIL had a cold and you guessed it I caught it gosh I feel lousy today.
I've also been going to a physio clinic doing core strengthing since June 16th also had IMI injections inbetween the muscles, doing this so I can eventually return to work.
Back to this BOM ---the block on the back was to be the centre block with all the rest of the blocks around it with hst for the border I wanted to change it up as I wanted to try a mitered corner so I fussy cut the fabric to miter it turned out all right.