Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Been awhile MIA

Been awhile got lots to do outside, no sewing going on here. I did go to my very 1st quilt show in Salmon Arm and wouldn't you know forgot my camera It was awesome. Haven't really wanted to sew which is the norm in the summer.
Randy gutted a camper that was given to us for a chicken coop, well I think he could have made it from scratch and had it done faster oh well must be a man think to rip apart and redo. he got the run done last weekend and I've been looking for laying hens, finally got some on Monday 10 laying hens that just started to lay the day I got them, though 1 of them is holding out as I only got 9 eggs for 2 days, they are fun to watch.

Here are my first eggs see the one on the right it is really big.