Thursday, October 27, 2011

11th finish my screwed up Jellyroll and snow on the moutain

Finished this jellyroll quilt I messed up at the retreat somehow I cut it wrong so Jan suggested sashing and I found this fabric in my stash when I got home it's together and no border for this one just meandered, added binding had just enough so it's complete. The next project from the retreat is an idea from the Missouri Quilt Co. you get 2 quilt tops out of a jellyroll and charm pack got one part done at the retreat need to work on the second think this one will be reversible.
What a beauty of a day sun shinning got the pump out of the pond, and when the clouds started to lift I saw the fresh snow, hope it stays up there for awhile

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Civil War Chronicals complete

Just finished the binding and washed -- this is #10

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Found sashing fabric for CW quilt

Been looking for this fabric and seeing it's an older collection is hard to find well looks like I found some in Australia, thought I would have to leave some blocks out of the blue and brown quilt, need the fabric for the sashing.
Got the backing made up for the top that at the retreat cut something wrong as the blocks were not square maybe too much visiting and not concentrating, was going to scrap them when Jan said put sashing between them so when I got home I found fabric in my stash that worked. It's all loaded on the frame ready to be quilted.
Got CW Chronicles back from longarmer today so now for binding.
This morning I finished the rag quilt I started at the retreat had to go back to quilt store out of town as I need more flannel for the backing squares.
Bought some plain beige material for another quilt I started at retreat it's going on point and the left overs are going into the backing so it will be reversible.
These last 3 quilt tops are not what I usually make but I thought I would step out of my box and try big blocks well it's not me I like sampler quilts. But I have to get them done or they will be put on the shelf and never completed.
Can't start anything new til these are done, Jan the lady who owns the quilt store and hosts the retreat has a BOM called Wildflower Rapsody and of course I had to sign up, so that's another project to work on over the winter.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gardom Lake

Here is a pic of the lake at the retreat no pics of projects yet been busy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back from retreat

Another awesome time with some really nice ladies, think I visited more this time around was my 4th time and there are regular ladies that come so I guess I felt more relaxed. This time my projects were pre-cuts ---charms, jellyrolls The one jellyroll project I really screwed it up, my cutting was way off then when I squared the blocks up they never matched so ended up adding sashing I can live with it, Had 2 Antique Fair charm packs and it ended up wallhanging size. Almost got the rag quilt completed need more fabric backing material. Then another jellyroll and charm pack combined need more fabric to add sashing.
Jan who hosts the retreat and owns the Quilt store has a BOM so I decided to do it. I guess in all I did get alot done. When I get around to taking some pics I will post.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gardom Lake here I come--Retreat time

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for the retreat yahoo, I'm packed just not loaded into the car can do that in the am, made a batch of blueberry and a batch of cranberry nut scones for a snack. Need to stop at the quilt store for a 12" ruler and some flannel for the rag quilt(back) and some plain white cotton, I know Jan will have fabric there she brings bolts from her store and alot of other quilty things. :) Fall is really setting in my burning bush is so vibrant, love the fall colours will post when I get back.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nine Patch Delight finished

What a beautiful day today sun shinning it will be cool tonight probably frost, that's ok love the sun.
Made the latest released CWAnniversary block what a dandy, lots of Y-seams if I hadn't already cut the templates for the second block I would have appliqued it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Got a finish today

Nine Patch Delight is in the wash and it's a biggie 88x107 and flannel backing so that much more heavier wasn't planning on flannel. Randy was waiting in the truck and I spotted some wide fabric told the lady how much and went hunting for this line of fabric I need for my next project can't let the man wait! I didn't realize the wide fabric was flannel til I loaded it on the frame first time I ever used flannel for a backing might use it more, was cheaper than cotton.
This quilt is #8 finish for this year. My friend came over yesterday and her one brother passed away and her other brother was in an ATV accident so I sent her home with a "Hug" quilt so one quilt leaves and another replaces.
Checked my complete list and I haven't had a finish since Aug. usually don't sew that much in the summer too much to do outside
Tomorrow I think I will clean my sewing machine get some projects organized and make a list of things to bring to retreat next thurs. don't think I will be sewing til then.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Doing the Happy Dance

Yahoo just confirmed I'm going to the Gardom Lake retreat, thanks to all that crossed their fingers for me. Now to organize what I'm bringing, 9 more sleeps

Monday, October 3, 2011

Might be doing the happy dance

I don't know if I posted that I missed out on the retreat that I usually go to Oct 13-16 phoned to late they were booked, well today hubby had a test to be done at the hospital out of town and I'm starting a new project with a Jellyroll and yardage and needed the yardage and when I was in the quilt store Kathy one of the ladies that hosts the retreat said there might be a chance of me going as a couple ladies might bow out so anybody that reads this keep your fingers crossed.
This white cat has been hanging around she is friendly to me but my dog and cat don't care for her this mama deer also checked her out to cute

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Order #11

This is the latest release for the CW Anniversary block applique (not my favorite) but it's done not the greatest but I can live with it.
When I was attaching the sashing on the blue and brown I thought I had just enough even had to piece some sashing together and was looking at the strips left and counted and I'm short 6 strips and I've surfed the net looking for more and nothing so the blue and brown might end up 7x7 instead of 7x8 blocks. The fabric I'm looking for is an old collection called Vicksburg by Marcus Brothers The scrappy one will have all the blocks.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Beauty is the name of the 3rd block I've made for the Pony Club quilt, it's a beauty alright, there were so many Y-seams, this quilt has alot of Y-seam blocks now I figure I will be a pro at this or I will be bald and vow to never make another block with a Y-seam. To top this off my block ended up 8" instead of 8.5" so I added a strip around block to make up the difference. My quilt, my block!
I'm just using my stash for this quilt so no need to buy.
The latest release of the Civil War Anniversary block was released this morning and the block is applique and was a block I made in my Dear Jane quilt, I've cut out the pieces and will start hand stitching this afternoon. The weather is cool and raining so good day to sit in my chair and sew.