Thursday, October 6, 2011

Got a finish today

Nine Patch Delight is in the wash and it's a biggie 88x107 and flannel backing so that much more heavier wasn't planning on flannel. Randy was waiting in the truck and I spotted some wide fabric told the lady how much and went hunting for this line of fabric I need for my next project can't let the man wait! I didn't realize the wide fabric was flannel til I loaded it on the frame first time I ever used flannel for a backing might use it more, was cheaper than cotton.
This quilt is #8 finish for this year. My friend came over yesterday and her one brother passed away and her other brother was in an ATV accident so I sent her home with a "Hug" quilt so one quilt leaves and another replaces.
Checked my complete list and I haven't had a finish since Aug. usually don't sew that much in the summer too much to do outside
Tomorrow I think I will clean my sewing machine get some projects organized and make a list of things to bring to retreat next thurs. don't think I will be sewing til then.

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