Friday, September 30, 2011

Farmer's Wife Pony Club

Finally received my book made 2 blocks there are 90-- 8" finished blocks

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's happing?

We have had a bear hanging around he got the plastic garbage can that was in the shop full of squirrel food, don't know were he left the can no trace anywhere.He also got the neighbours garbage, so that's why he has been hanging around When Sadie is barking like crazy it usually means the bear is around.

The bear has been back he was in the carport and he is a good size.

Got to talk to Shawn (son) this morning he is on deployment on the waters off of Lybia, they are on shore for a few days near Greece. He sounded good and was nice to hear his voice.

I'm ticked was making the latest block of the CWAnniversary (blue&brown one) and was attaching another row and sashing and thinking there is 2 more rows left look at my sashing and dosen't look like enough to me but in my mind I had just enough when I was cutting even had to piece a couple of the sashing strips so I count and sure enough I'm short 6 I've been surfing the net looking for more fabric and nothing, so I guess my top will be 7 X 7 blocks instead of 7 X 8. The scrappy one will have all the released blocks.

Think Randy has to go to camp for a couple of days so I should have my own mini retreat starting tomorrowDon't know what to play with, need backing for the 9-patch delight top, so that's a no go.

My Pony Club book has still not arrived was sent 3 weeks ago today slow mail Sure I will come up with something I did print out the BunnyHill BOM which I think is going to be the last one she is not having one next year, there is applique do I need a challenge Time will tell.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Civil War Journals

Found a pic of the 3rd quilt in the series 0f 5 being released in 2012 as a BOM this one is called Civil War Journals focuses on the civil war children's point of view, this one is not as big as the other two-- 84" x 102" I found a quilt store that you can buy the kit as I don't care for the BOM's cause I don't like waiting for the next block and I figured it was cheaper to buy the kit then pay a monthly fee per block + shipping.

Confederate Rose 2nd version

I decided to do the version that Barbra said was in Blockbase well it looks like a different block so I'm keeping it for one of the 4 extra blocks needed for this quilt, I also made a Dresdan plate, thinking of a signature block for the last one so I can add some info.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Confederate Rose

Caught up with the latest release of the CW Anniversary quilt, another Y-seam block yuk, but I did it. That's it for sewing I was to late to sign up for the fall quilt retreat that I usually go to was full already and it dosen't start til Oct. 13th. To bad I so enjoy them.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wow it's September already

Where has the time gone, been buzy outside seeing the weather has been awesome so not much in the sewing dept. I did get caught up with the latest CE Anniversary blocks this morningI must show a pic of my cactus that has been sitting in a south facing window for years and it bloomed only lasted for 4 days then withered

Kaslo Hotel remodeled went for a nice lunch out on the patio.
Randy with the lake in the background what we saw while on the patio