Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Civil War Journals

Found a pic of the 3rd quilt in the series 0f 5 being released in 2012 as a BOM this one is called Civil War Journals focuses on the civil war children's point of view, this one is not as big as the other two-- 84" x 102" I found a quilt store that you can buy the kit as I don't care for the BOM's cause I don't like waiting for the next block and I figured it was cheaper to buy the kit then pay a monthly fee per block + shipping.


Ineke said...

This Civil War quilt I've never seen before and it is as beautiful as all the others. I am making the CWChronicles quilt and found your blog when I was looking for pictures of it.

Linda said...

Ineke this quilt has not been released yet it will be a BOM starting in 2012 though I found a store on line where I can buy it as a kit. I made the CW Chronicles it is at the longarmer Did you make the CW Tribute the 1st in the series of 5 Thank you for visiting my blog