Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Found sashing fabric for CW quilt

Been looking for this fabric and seeing it's an older collection is hard to find well looks like I found some in Australia, thought I would have to leave some blocks out of the blue and brown quilt, need the fabric for the sashing.
Got the backing made up for the top that at the retreat cut something wrong as the blocks were not square maybe too much visiting and not concentrating, was going to scrap them when Jan said put sashing between them so when I got home I found fabric in my stash that worked. It's all loaded on the frame ready to be quilted.
Got CW Chronicles back from longarmer today so now for binding.
This morning I finished the rag quilt I started at the retreat had to go back to quilt store out of town as I need more flannel for the backing squares.
Bought some plain beige material for another quilt I started at retreat it's going on point and the left overs are going into the backing so it will be reversible.
These last 3 quilt tops are not what I usually make but I thought I would step out of my box and try big blocks well it's not me I like sampler quilts. But I have to get them done or they will be put on the shelf and never completed.
Can't start anything new til these are done, Jan the lady who owns the quilt store and hosts the retreat has a BOM called Wildflower Rapsody and of course I had to sign up, so that's another project to work on over the winter.

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