Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Test over back to sewing

Yesterday was test day for Excel I feel that I did alright could have used a few more minutes to change the page breaks in 2 of the projects but ran out of time. This morning I started quilting Circle of Friends quilt top with a baptist fan panto and I'm running into problems with the applique my darning foot has an open area and it's catching the applique going to get Randy to attach a washer on the bottom of the foot if I knew what to use for an adhesive for metal on metal I would have it done, so I'm on hold til tomorrow I guess.
Well going to the Island is out Randy has some tests to be done on the 23rd and if they find anything he will be having surgery, Autumn and Kris (granddaughter & son) I think are coming for Christmas.
Got to go to Vernon on Thursday as Randy has some lung test, seeing we are there I can get some Christmas shopping done and supplies for baking.

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