Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hair cut

Went for a hair cut this morning my stylist told me the last time I was there was in May :o
well she did cut it kind of short then. No sewing, snow blew the driveway this morning after Randy fixed it the float was stuck that's why I couldn't start it yesterday.
My CW Chronicles kit should be here this coming week thought it was going to be here last. I got the Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student off ebay last night so it should be here next week also, my laptop came with the trial and it expires in Jan.
Shawn and Deanne aren't coming for Christmas now as his ship is on standby and there has to be a % of men available and there are guys that have not been home in ages and their families are on the east coast, Shawn was home last yr. Kris and Autumn are suppose to be coming home. Randy had a suggestion that I go to Victoria for Christmas if I decide to I will take the bus to and back, still mulling it around.

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