Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Perogies

Procrastinated enough want perogies for supper today, bought a Starfrit chopper and it is awesome 5 onions chopped in no time, used to grade the onions for the potato filling and my eyes would water so bad, this works great, dough made just waiting for the small bowl of filling to cool in the fridge then will make some perogies my mouth is watering already
24 days till retreat, went out of town on Sat. and we swung over and got my 2 blocks for the BOM want to make them up this week sometime, then when it's retreat time will pick-up April's blocks, other than that no sewing.
Yesterday it was a beautiful day so I spring cleaned the master bedroom log walls, curtain and washed the bedding and hung on the line. Smells so fresh.

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