Monday, March 12, 2012

Been down with a cold yuk

Today I feel so much better darn colds anyway. I bought a new back up iron called a Shark and I'm in love, has an extra long cord heats up fast and the steam output is awesome, will have a real test on it in 1 month from today when I'm off to the retreat.
I did get all the fabric cut for the 2 projects that I'm bringing to retreat in did I say 30 days from today
Need to work at the Thrift store tonight, nothing else happening here, was going to clean the 2 closets in the spare rooms but not into it right now, would like to get motivated enough to make a dutch oven of potato cheese and onion filling and get some perogies made up, I got all the ingredients. Well time for coffee and Young and the Restless.

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