Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First snow

Well we got some snow over night not much but too soon for me, yesterday I started cutting fabric I've had for awhile and decided to do a quilt that is an easy one all the same block just swapping light and dark using the monkey wrench block and using reds and cream to beige. I wish the quilt fairy would come at night and do the cutting for me think this is my least favorite part of quilting. Today seemed to go by so fast so no sewing, or cutting think I'm about half way.
There is a dead line for sending parcels to Shawn's ship next tuesday and I wanted to make Poppycock for him, done now I need to get to his mil's and pickup her goodies and get it mailed tomorrow so it gets to the Island. Might get to sew some tomorrow hopefully it doesn't snow overnight
The pic is from my backyard looks like a black and white photo but I never changed it to that this is what I took off the camera.

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