Thursday, January 9, 2014

A New Year 2014

Another new yr. Shawn (Navy son) left on a 8 month deployment he has been transferred to the HMC Regina, was on the HMC Vancouver on his last deployment. He came home before Christmas with Maddy(gd) for a week.

Christmas was really quiet nobody was coming home so it was just Randy and I, then his mom was not doing well and they called all the family she lives in Sask. and the temp was -42 glad I stayed home watched movies on  Netflix girly ones that Randy wouldn't be interested in. New Years eve well I was in bed before it arrived.
On the quilting front I am caught up with Linda's BOW 1 more to go and it will be released on Sun.

 I think Autumn will like it she will get it for her bd in May.
Was playing around with a jellyroll and decided to make Dresden plates got 8 made and another 4 to do.

My Christmas cactus was so full of blooms this year guess re potting it makes a big difference

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