Tuesday, January 1, 2013

YEAR 2013

A new year, we had an awesome Christmas Shawn(son) Deanne(DIL) and Autumn (granddaughter) came for the holidays went tubing was so much fun, weather was not to cold.

Shawn sent me a picture of Maddie my new granddaughter dressed up for New Years
On the quilting side I made a list of UFO's and new starts for this year, my list of ufo's need to be worked on before I can start new ones.

I got the Civil War Melodies kit and just love the fabric and why not my favorite fabric to work with.
Oh I see Debonaire is in the pic with new starts for 2013.
Vintage Holidays is by Thimble Blossoms, fabric is ordered waiting for it to arrive, no rush as I can't start the 2 new ones till I get a couple ufo's done. The scrappy civil war quilt is on the frame and ready for me to get to it, need to wind some bobbins and should havemy first finish for 2013.

Shawn and Autumn with their animal hats.
How can you tell hubby has to much time on his hands? he is making the KOTO man out of propane bottles, pipe, bolts and what ever he will eventually go into the park will post pic when he is done.

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