Friday, April 20, 2012

Flurry is finished

Made up the scrappy binding for Flurry and attached this morning love how this turned out. Christmas in April. This was a free download and I used a layer cake all I have left of the layer cake is 2-10" squares and 1-6x10". I just meandered loops for the quilting part.

Swoon is now loaded on the frame made up the backing this morning so when ever I get the urge I can start, it is suppose to be a nice weekend and Randy wants to add a small waterfall in the stream to the pond so yesterday I pulled back the rocks, when I was cleaning the leaves out of the pond I found the 1 fish I couldn't find last fall when I brought the other 5 in he was still alive how cool is that, so he is now in the basement with the other 5 till I get the pond ready,

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