Friday, January 13, 2012

We will miss you so much Rafter

My little conure Rafter passed away this morning knew something was up yesterday as he slept most of the day and wasn't eating I have had him for 19 yrs and what a character he was, my eyes are so sore from crying, so many memories, don't know why he had a cage as he never went in it, he perched on top, when he screeched it was always something he needed, like his food dish was empty, water in his dish so he could bathe in it, and when I made spatzel (German noodle) he wanted some now right now, never worried about the cat or any new cat about attacking him as he put everyone in there place he had the run of the house, Sadie (dog) and Rafter would play in the l/r, he so loved his stuffies his favorite was a gorilla that he plucked and would cuddle it would snuggle himself under the gorilla's arm and go to sleep. ok got to stop as I'm crying again I so miss you my little buddy.

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Mary said...

I am so very sorry, Linda.