Monday, May 9, 2011

18 Union Square & 19 Missouri Star

Randy away overnight so figured I'd get some extra sewing done, took Sadie for a walk early so she wouldn't bug me and who comes into my sewing room is Sadie doing the something is in the yard that's not suppost to be there action so out I go to see whats up she is barking at the park and snorting around the pond so I do a walkabout in the park I see nothing thought maybe a bear came through, she is sniffing around the pond and I don't see anything so I sat on the deck to see if she would calm down when I see a splash in the pond go look and there is a muskrat swimming around I scouped him up with the fish net and took him down to the river he swam down river a bit then climbed on shore hope he doesn't come back, do they eat fish cause if so my fish might be gone will look later.
I did get the last 2 blocks for the CWAnniversary done but it's such a nice day my 1 day quilt retreat is going to be short want to clean the flowerbed behind the pond.

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