Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jellyroll quilt

Sew 2 jellyroll strips together
Cut a 4.5"plain WOF to bothsides of the jellyroll strips Then cut @ a 45 degree will get 8 blocks and when pieced 2 lg blocks, the way you turn them you will get 2 different designs. This is what I've been working on. Don't understand why the pics are backwards? start from the bottom and work up on this post.
I've decided to do the first pic of this post got them all assembled and now adding a mint polka dot sashing and assorted prints of the leftover fabric from the cutting on the 45 also got some end pieces that look interesting for maybe part of the border will see what happens Hope to work on the last 3 rows, will be 6 blocks wide x 7 long should be a good size this is a real cheery quilt good for a winter day.

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